10 inch Stroke Linear Actuator SuperPowerJack DARL-3610+


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10 inch ( 25.4cm ) SuperPower Jack DARL-3610 Actuator Motor 36V DC with reed switch sensor . This 10 inch Actuator 36v DC Motor  is suitable to use with various sizes of satellite dishes to motorize your system.

This 36V DC Actuator is also ideal to use in various other automation projects such as Gate automation and Solar Panels and many more . Suitable to use Indoor and Outdoor.

Each Actuator comes complete with Mounting Clips and Bolts as per picture.

We also have available different sizes of actuators: 10 inch; 12inch ; 18inch; 24inch and 36inch..


  • Adjustable Limit Switches
  • Up to 2800N Static Load
  • Reed Switch Sensor
  • Corrosion Resistant
Model:                        MINI ACTUATOR (MN)
Input :                        36VDC
Load Capacity:         1500N
Strock Lenght:         250mm
Drive:                        ACME
Full Load Speed:     2.6mm/sec
Duty Cycle:               20%
Temperature:           -26◥C~65 ◥C (-15◥F~150◥F)
Limit Switch:           Adjustable
Sensor:                     Reed Switch Sensor
Static Load:             2800N
Stroke Lenght:        310mm
Note that in order to install the Actuator 36v Motor you will also require the following:

* Suitable Dish Size for the satellites you wish to receive
* Suitable Polarmount which fits your dish
* 4 Core cable fitted also required
* V-Box Positioner  or Decoder with Built-in Positioner to drive the motor



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