Draytek Vigor 3200n Quad (Multi) GigWAN Load Balancing Router


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This Draytek Vigor 3200n is a discontinued product being sold as a used product.

The features of the DrayTek Vigor3200 series Multi-Subnet security routers will satisfy the network requirements of small to medium business networks.

Its Multi-Subnet interface with Multi-VLAN function allows users to easily divide the network into different sections based on applications, such as VoIP, Web or FTP Server or user groups, such as Sales, Technical Support or HR Dept.. Each usage/application or user group can be provided with its dedicated bandwidth and the administrator can maintain security control between user groups to prevent possible data leakage.

Draytek Vigor 3200 Key Features

  • 4 Gigabit WAN Ports selectable for either Load Balancing or Failover
  • Multi-WAN with Bandwidth Management
  • USB Port for 3.5G or FTP/Printer Server
  • DMZ Port for providing servers with extra protection
  • Security Firewall
  • Comprehensive VPN
  • Advanced WLAN
  • Easy Network Management

Draytek Vigor 3200 Technical Specifications:

Multi-WAN (Ethernet / 3.5G):

  • Outbound Policy-based Load-balance
  • WAN Connection Failover

Wireless Access Point:

  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n Compliant
  • Wireless Client List
  • Wireless LAN Isolation
  • 64/128-bit WEP/WPA/WPA2
  • WPS
  • MAC Address Access Control
  • Access Point Discovery
  • WDS (Wireless Distribution System)
  • 802.1x Authentication
  • Hidden SSID
  • Multiple SSID
  • Wireless Rate-control
  • WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia)

WAN Protocol:

  • DHCP Client
  • Static IP
  • PPPoE
  • PPTP
  • BPA
  • L2TP


  • Up to 64 VPN Tunnels
  • Protocol: PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, L2TP over IPSec
  • Encryption: MPPE and Hardware-based AES/DES/3DES
  • Authentication: Hardware-based MD5, SHA-1
  • IKE Authentication: Pre-shared Key and Digital Signature (X.509)
  • LAN-to-LAN, Teleworker-to-LAN
  • DHCP over IPSec
  • NAT-Traversal (NAT-T)
  • Dead Peer Detection (DPD)
  • VPN Pass-through
  • VPN Wizard


  • Multi-NAT, DMZ Host, Port-redirection and Open Port
  • Object-based Firewall
  • MAC Address Filter
  • SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) (Flow Track)
  • DoS / DDoS Prevention
  • IP Address Anti-spoofing
  • E-mail Alert and Logging via Syslog
  • Bind IP to MAC Address
  • Time Schedule Control


  • 3.5G USB Modem as 5th WAN
  • Printer Sharing
  • File System :
    • Support FAT32 / FAT16 File System
    • Support FTP Function for File Sharing


Bandwidth Management:

  • QoS :
    • Guarantee Bandwidth for VoIP
    • Class-based Bandwidth Guarantee by User-defined Traffic Categories
    • DiffServ Code Point Classifying
    • 4-level Priority for Each Direction (Inbound/Outbound)
    • Bandwidth Borrowed
  • Bandwidth / Session Limitation
  • Layer-2 (802.1p) and Layer-3 (TOS / DSCP) QoS Mapping

Network Management:

  • Web-Based User Interface (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Quick Start Wizard
  • CLI (Command Line Interface, Telnet/SSH)
  • Administration Access Control
  • Configuration Backup/Restore
  • Built-in Diagnostic Function
  • Firmware Upgrade via TFTP/FTP/HTTP/TR-069
  • Logging via Syslog
  • SNMP Management with MIB-II
  • Management Session Time Out
  • 2-level management (Admin/User Mode)
  • TR-069 Management
  • TR-104 Management

Content Security Management:

  • IM/P2P Applications V3 (APP Enforcement)
  • URL Content Filter :
    • URL Keyword Blocking (White List and Black List)
    • Java Applet, Cookies, Active X, Compressed, Executable, Multimedia File Blocking
    • Excepting Subnets
    • Time Schedule Control
  • GlobalView Web Content Filter (Powered by )

Network Features:

  • Packet Forwarding Acceleration
  • DHCP Client/Relay/Server
  • DHCP Option
  • IGMP V2
  • Dynamic DNS
  • NTP Client
  • Call Scheduling
  • RADIUS Client
  • DNS Cache/Proxy
  • UPnP 30 Sessions
  • Routing Protocol:
    • Static Routing
    • RIP V2
  • Multi Subnet LAN
  • VLAN Tagging (802.1q) on WAN

What’s Included:

1x Draytek Vigor 3200n Quad (Multi) WAN Router with SSL VPN.
1x Power Cable
3x Detachable Antennas
1x Ethernet Cable

30 Days RTB Warranty

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