Labgear CM5220 In-line 20dB Satellite Amplifier


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Labgear CM5220 In-line 20dB Amplifier

This in-line satellite amplifier is designed to be connected between a satellite dish and a receiver. It is used to boost a signal over a long cable run. The LNB switching voltage is used to power the amplifier.

The gain is 20dB.

The amplifier is very easy to fit, it simply connects into the cable (like a link in a chain).


  • Passive satellite amplifier designed to boost a raw satellite signal between the dish and decoder
  • Powered by the receiver/decoder
  • 20dB gain

Technical Specification:

  •     Frequency Range: 950-2050MHz
  •     Gain: 13dB rising to 20dB at 2050MHz
  •     Output: 84dBuV at 40mA
  •     Power Requirement: 11.5 to 19V DC at 40mA
  •     Through Line Power: 300mA max

What’s Included:

  • Labgear CM5220 In-line 20dB Amplifier

12 Month RTB Warranty

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