MK Electric K2747WHI 13A 2G DP Switchsocket White


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MK Electric K2747WHI 13A 2G DP Switchsocket White

The MK Logic Plus wiring devices have been designed to perfectly complement modern interiors, offering an unobtrusive and sophisticated look totally in keeping with today’s design. Technically, they exceed British Standard requirements with patented features that make products the most advanced and safest available.

The Logic Plus 2 Gang 13A DP Switch socket has a 3-pin operated shutter system to inhibit access to the electricity supply, unless all 3 pins of a British standard 13 Amp plug are in position. The terminal screws are backed out and held captive within the terminal housing.

This product also has double pole switching which means it switches both live and neutral and is added safety for the user. All wire for this product can be cut to the same length as all terminals are in line. the product is made from a tasteful white, high gloss, high-quality thermoset material which maintains appearance and is scratch-resistant.


  • This Socket Outlet designed for ease of installation and having all the advantageous design features of the Logic Plus Range.
  • The MK Logic Plus Range is ideal for modern interiors and offers an unobtrusive and sophisticated look.
  • The MK K2747 is a white, 13A, 2 Gang, double pole, wall mounted switched socket.

Technical Specification:

  • Finish    White
  • Material               Thermoset Plastic
  • Gangs    2
  • Amps     13
  • Fixing Centres    120.6mm
  • Width (mm)        146
  • Height (mm)       86
  • Standards            BS 1363 Pt 2 1995

What’s Included:

1x MK Electric K2747WHI 13A 2G DP Switchsocket White

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