Vision V4-004 4-Wire Line Amplifier for V4 Multiswitches


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Vision V4-004 4-wire Line Amplifier for V4 Multiswitches

Vision 4-wire Line Amplifier, Line powered and low cost satellite amplifier. Small size. High performance for long cable lengths. Entirely receiver powered. No landlord supply required. Up to 8 switches can be cascaded together, totalling maximum 32 receiver powered points. For MATV upgrade to satellite at low cost and quick to install.



  • 4x SAT amplifier for V4 multiswitches
  • Ideal for compensation of satellite through losses of V4 multiswitches and V5 taps
  • Very low power consumption 18V 65mA
  • Up to 1A power pass + DC injection point
  • 13-17dB sloped gain


Technical Specification:

Model: V4-004
Input: 950-2400 MHz
Gain: 13 to 17dB
Gain slope correction 950-2400MHz: +4dB
Input isolation: >30dB
Noise figure (typical): <10dB
Maximum output level*: 106dBµV
Maximum input level*: 89dBµV
DC pass: 18V/1.0A
Power consumption from H lines or Auxiliary input: 12V to 18V/65mA
Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Dimensions inc fixing lugs: 94mm x 76mm x 34mm
Weight: 0.16kg

*Maximum levels to IMD3=35dB (EN50083-3): *


What’s included:
·       1x Vision V4-004 Amplifier


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