Vision V5-204 Splitter 2 Way For Multiswitches


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Vision V5-204 Splitter 2 Way For Multiswitches

Vision V5 Splitters are designed for minimum insertion loss and flatness across the satellite and terrestrial bands. This Splitter can be plugged directly onto a V5 Multiswitch or Amplifier Using quick Links.

This Model pass 18v DC on the horizontal lines which can be isolated on the tap output using the built-in switch.

NB: All V5 Splitters are supplied with earth bars already factory fitted.


  • Vision V5-204 is 5 products in one small, easy to install package.
  • Each contains four separate satellites for 4 different polarities.
  • Terrestrial signal splitter provided. Insertion loss 4dB.
  • Use with a V5 line powered system.
  • Will pass up to 2.0A 18V DC to other line-powered devices.Flatness +/- 0.5dB isolation 30dB.
  • Frequency range satellite 950-2400MHz, terrestrial 5-862MHz.
  • DC pass switchable to either pass power to one set of ports or both sets of ports for maximum design flexibility.
  • Factory-fitted earthing hyper bars have no specification degradation, zero fitting time, and require only one earth wire connection for immediate UK safety compliance.

Technical Specification:

Satellite Frequency Range:   950-2400MHz
Terrestrial Frequency Range:   5 – 862MHz
Terrestrial Through Loss:      4dB
Satellite Through Loss:          4dB
Terrestrial  Tap Loss:   4dB Sat 4dB
Satellite Tap Loss:   4dB Sat 4dB
Terrestrial Flatness:    ±0.5dB
Terrestrial Outputs Decoupling:   30dB
Satellite Outputs Decoupling:   30dB
Terrestrial DC Pass: Line: 2 A max Tap (H Lines): 2 A max
Operating Temp Range: -20°-+50°C
Dimensions: 117x96x34mm
Weight: 0.2kg

What is included:
·       1x Vision V5- 204 Splitter 2 Way

Warranty: 12 Months RTB Warranty.

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