Mini Satellite Dish Positioner STAB MP01 controls DiSEqC


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Mini Satellite Dish Positioner STAB MP01 controls DiSEqC

The “Mini-Positioner” can be used in conjunction with ALL modern-day satellite receivers to enable control of ANY Motor/Rotor which uses DiSEqC.

DiSEqC = Digital Satellite Equipment Control is the worldwide protocol for controlling satellite equipment through the single Signal connection to the Satellite dish

The MP01 has three commands – MOVE EAST – MOVE WEST and Go to “0” Go to zero does two things sending the motor/rotor to the central position & in the CASE of then STAB HH90 HH100 and HH120 ‘Rotorsats’ it also resets those motor/rotors

Using the MP01 you can test any DiSEqC 1.2 Protocol Motor and you can reset USALS Motors and drive both types of Motor  east or west (the rotor/motor stops when you release)


  • The mini positioner “Rotor Control MP01” is an indispensable handheld tool needed by the installer when pointing the dish.
  •  Easy to use; in 5 minutes it enables the dish to be perfectly pointed only with the help of the field strength meter.
  • “Rotor control” connected to the cable between the motor and the receiver, is a DiSEqC 1.2 command generator for turning the motor east and west, fed directly from the receiver.
  • The ‘zero’ function, which allows the motor to return perfectly aligned to zero at any moment, is of particular importance when the ‘rotor control’ is permanently installed near the receiver and when the user is not very familiar with the OSD of the receiver.

What’s Included:

  • 1x Mini Satellite Dish Positioner STAB MP01 controls DiSEqC

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