Vision V24-211 Satellite Terrestrial ( TV UHF / VHF / DAB) Diplexer


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Vision V24-211 Satellite Terrestrial ( TV UHF / VHF / DAB) Diplexer

Filtering, Combining, splitting and mixing signals should be done with as much care as receiving the signal itself.

That’s why Vision Masthead passives are built with the same exacting standards and materials as Vision Gold Masthead Amplifiers.

The Vision V24-211 are fully screened with Gold Plated F connectors and employ double-sided printed circuit boards to improve performance and screening.

This Model uses Vision high-quality ABS ventilated Housing which can be mast or wall mounted


  • Excellent weatherproof solution allowing two signals to be combined onto one cable.
  • Fully Screened
  • Gold F Connectors
  • Can be used internally or externally
  • Heavy Duty cable tie incuded for mast mounting
  • Wall/ bulkhead mounting

Technical Specification:

  • SAT  950MHz -2150MHz ( DC-Pass 500mA)
  • Terrestrial 85MHz – 862MHz
  • Terrestrial Insertion Loss: -0.1dB to 1.6dB
  • Satellite  Insertion Loss:  <2.5dB
  • Terrestrial with Auto-line Power 12V – 100mA
  • DC Pass: DC-Pass on satellite with DC auto-power on Terrestrial

Product Overview:
Model No: V24-211
Brand: Vision

What is included:

  • 1 x Vision V24-211 Terrestrial to Satellite Diplexer


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